ServicedAccommodation.NET Site Guide

Here are some videos and a pdf which we hope will help to introduce you to ServicedAccommodation.NET. We look forward to working with you.

Product & Service Overview (music video): what we provide and who can benefit.

Website Overview (video): what is included in the website & general functionality.

Add your Listing (video): how to register, select a package, add property and arrange payment, followed by a brief overview of your admin area and online listing. There will be further videos describing admin and listing in greater detail.

Claim your Listing (video): there may be a situation where we have added your property or properties to ServicedAccommodation.NET on your behalf, in which case you are likely to receive notification from us of this fact with information on how to “Claim Listing”, in order that you have full control over the information and to insure that you receive all communication. This video will describe what you need to do.

Screen-shots (pdf): showing the Add your Listing process, as well as additional shots of a typical listing and admin area, with graphs and statistics.